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This page contains some of my open source projects (mostly in computer science, electronics and robotics).

This is not a comprehensive list, many professional projects can't be shared here.

A repository is available for Debian and Ubuntu users. Click here for more information.


Open Source Academic Projects  


PyWI is a Python image filtering library aimed at removing additive background noise from raster graphics images (using wavelet transform).
The PyWI project has a dedicated web site at http://www.pywi.org.
Source code : Fork me on GitHub  
Download : Sources  


Pyarm is a physics simulator which provides an anthropomorphic arm model for experiments on human like motor control.
The arm model is described in the following technical report written in French (sources).

Pyarm has been used at the Institute for Intelligent Systems and Robotics for experiments on adaptive systems. These experiments are described in the following academic paper "Learning cost-efficient control policies with XCSF: generalization capabilities and further improvement" by Didier Marin, Jérémie Decock, Lionel Rigoux and Olivier Sigaud.
This scientific contribution has been published in the "Proceedings of the 13th annual conference on Genetic and evolutionary computation (GECCO'11)", the main international conference on genetic and evolutionary computation.
This paper can be downloaded here.
Source code : Fork me on GitHub  


Botsim.org is a robots simulator mainly used to test some biologically inspired algorithms (machine learning, evolutionary algorithms, reinforcement learning, ...).

Our motivations: generate in-silico original artificial organisms which can efficiently accomplish some given tasks (move, change their environment, survive, ...).

More precisely, Botsim.org was written to:
  1. reproduce the experiments and the results of the projet Golem: optimize the morphology and control of robots in simulation via biologically inspired methods (evolutionary algorithms and neural networks) then materialize these self-generated organisms using a 3D printer;
  2. improve control of existing robots by generating a large number of in-silico simulations;
  3. reproduce some experiments on artificial curiosity by the Inria Flowers team.

The Botsim.org project has a dedicated web site at www.botsim.org.
Source code : Fork me on GitHub  
Download : Sources  

Main Personnal Projects  


A collection of hundreds of snippets, i.e. small pieces of code I have written to test a specific aspect of a programming language, a programming library, a description format, a protocol, ...
Here you will find snippets about:
Programming languages
C/C++, Java, Python, Shell scripts, Octave (Matlab clone), Javascript
Unix programming
Unix/Linux system calls in C, Debian packaging
Scientific programming libraries
GSL (GNU Scientific Library), GLPK (GNU Linear Programming Kit), Eigen C++ template library for linear algebra, Matplotlib python 2D plotting library, Gnuplot command-line driven graphing utility, Numpy fundamental package for scientific computing with Python, Mayavi 3D Scientific Data Visualization and Plotting , Scipy python library for linear algebra
Parallel computing and high performance computing
MPI (Message Passing Interface), OpenMP API for parallel programming
Image processing programming libraries
OpenCV image processing library (C/C++ and Python), PIL (Python Imaging Library)
General API
Boost C++ libraries
Programming tools
Gnu Make multi-language build system, CMake cross-platform build system, Ant Java build system
XML and web development
SAX (Simple API for XML) with Java, C++ and Python, HTML5, CSS, XML, DOM, Xpath, Xinclude, Xquery, SVG, XSD (XML Schema), XSLT
Embedded system
Android framework, Atmel AVR micro-controller programming (in C), Raspberry Pi GPIO libraries, Arduino
Graphical User Interface libraries
GTK+ graphical user interfaces (C and Python), Qt C++ and Python UI framework, Swing Java UI framework, SWT (Standard Widget Toolkit) Java UI framework, TKinter Python UI framework
2D, 3D and Multimedia libraries
Bullet physics engine, Open Scene Graph 3D graphics toolkit, Cairo with C and Python, SDL (Simple DirectMedia Layer) C Multimedia Library, Pygame Python wrapper for SDL, SFML C++ Multimedia Library
Design patterns with C++ and Java, LaTeX language, OpenScad solid 3D CAD modeler, DBM file format, JSON file format, Pickle, ...
Source code : Fork me on GitHub  
Download : Sources  


PyAX-12 is a Python library to control Dynamixel AX-12+ actuators. directly from a computer (using a USB2Dynamixel adapter).
Source code : Fork me on GitHub  
Download : Sources  


The VoR12 project is a mobile video camera. It uses two Dynamixel AX-12 actuators and the OpenCV computer vision library for object tracking experiments.
Source code : Fork me on GitHub  
Download : Sources  

Smaller Personnal Projects  


This demo uses libdynamixel to control a bioloid.
Download : Sources  


PyDuplicateFileManager finds duplicated files and directories.
Source code : Fork me on GitHub  

3D Design Collection  

A collection of design files for printable 3D objects (made with OpenSCAD).
Download : Sources  

PCB Collection  

A collection of PCB (Printed Circuit Board) design files ready to be manufactured (made with KiCad EDA).
Download : Sources  

Unmentioned projects  

Many additional projects are available on my github account!